Alberto Blázquez

Software Engineer, Web Developer and UX Designer

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Bachelor in Computer Science

Technical University of Madrid

Sep 2008 - Jun 2012

Master on Software Engineering

Technical Univers. of Madrid (Spain)

Sep 2012 - (Jun 2014)


  • Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience

    Focused on User Interfaces Design and Usability tests to evaluate errors

    I love to analyze user interaction to design better, more usable software

  • Object-Oriented and Functional Programming

    Domain of Java, C# and C. Adequate on Python and Haskell

    Basics of Ruby, PHP, Prolog and Ada. Wish to learn Erlang

  • Web Development and Design

    HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript using also jQuery and Backbone (1+ year)

    MySQL, MongoDB, REST APIs. Learning Django and Node.js

  • Mobile Applications Development

    Learning by myself Objective-C to create iPhone and iPad apps

    Also, interested in Android and Windows 8 platforms

  • Software Engineering and Software Design

    Interested in Software Architectures with High Scalability and Reliability

    Deep knowledge about UML, Design Patterns and Project Management


Web Researcher

Telefónica Digital (R+D branch)

Jul 2012 - (Jul 2013)

Web Developer and UX Designer

Software Engineering Lab

Technical University of Madrid

Feb 2012 - Jul 2012

Java UI Developer

Deimos Space

Elecnor Deimos Group

Sep 2011 - Feb 2012



native language


medium-high level


21th December, 2012

A simple web application to manage Scrum projects for a Master's subject about Agile methodologies

Java, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap

WebGL Experiments Visualizator

14th December, 2012

At Telefónica I+D. Tool to test and play with simple scenarios using Three.js, CubicVR and Jax

WebGL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

WebGL Benchmarking Tool

2nd November, 2012

At Telefónica I+D. Real-time app to measure a system perfomance using WebSockets and WebGL graphics

WebGL (Three.js), JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Alberto Blázquez (v2)

20th August, 2012

Simple and minimalist re-design of my personal website creating a second version, the last one developed

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Usability Planner

30th June, 2012

Re-design of a web app to recommendate developers the best Usability methods based on their projects constraints

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Backbone, jQuery, PHP, XSLT


30th May, 2012

Web app developed during the Software Engineering 2 subject which consisted on an imaginary luxury shop

Java, JSF, JSP, jQuery, MySQL

Captacion UPM

22th February, 2012

Web version of an iPad app made by two co-workers in the university to uptake future students in the AULA 2012 Event

HTML4, CSS2, jQuery, PHP, XSLT

Alberto Blázquez (v1)

25th August, 2011

The first version of my personal website using a Wordpress theme and doing little changes to learn a bit of web design

HTML4, CSS2, Wordpress

Software Engineering

Object-Oriented and Functional Programming

Web Development and Design

Human-Computer Interaction and Usability

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